The movement

“We are Catching Colours, not just a clothing brand. We want to create a movement where everybody can improve themselves. Because everybody is unique and so are you. We create this movement together, Spread the word and join the movement. 

Catching Colours, one tree one society

The Articles

Every week a new article with a different story. 


"Taking my listeners with me on my journey. So they can grow with me in the music"

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Mitchel Sulvilian

"The thing that keeps me motivated is making nonstop progress, it becomes addicting."

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Sam Kolsteeg

"I was able to walk the fashion week in Milan and Amsterdam and I have worked with many well-known brands."

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"Learning crazy skills and being able to outplay all off your opponents on the street, that's the real deal!"

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Zagi Beats

"My hobby became my passion and my passion became my work."

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Melody Vroom

"I've had the pleasure working for great brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabana"

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Richard van Alphen

"Since I was young I have always been around media and music and I think that is where my passion for this has started"

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We want to create a movement where everybody can be themselves.
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Why? Because everybody is unique and together we can show our real talents.